International Blog: October 22, 2018

Hello everyone! Hope things are going fantastic! I think I had a very productive week due to two main reasons. First, we had our Amgen site visit for our TMP which was amazing. I remember feeling ecstatic last year when we had the opportunity to visit Amgen for a quick tour and an info session. I thought I would never have the opportunity to explore Amgen more, but little did I know that I would get to be on a TMP working with Amgen and experience something even bigger this year. We toured their manufacturing labelling and warehouse buildings and learned how the different drugs were stored and packaged. It was pretty awesome, since we got to see the action flow of how the drug gets delivered to the clinical sites. It was definitely a day to remember.

Another important meeting this week was our Student Government and Board of Trustees meeting. This was definitely unexpected and thanks to our President, Sheldon Schuster, we had an amazing opportunity to meet them and discuss various topics that were important to KGI students and the issues they face. Although KGI might seem like a small place, we have over 40 different clubs this year and students really make an effort to embrace their talents and culture. As student government, it’s our duty to make sure that no student feels left behind and everyone feels part of the KGI family. We may be one small school, but we are definitely a huge family 🙂 That’s it from my end this week folks! Has Fall already started? It’s starting to get cold in Cali now :P.

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