International Blog: October 1, 2018

Hello everyone! Hope your week went great! I think this past week had a lot of interesting events happening at KGI. We had two very interesting information sessions from Atara Bio and Blue Matter. I am super fortunate to be working with Career Services this time. It gives me a great opportunity to attend these events and network with people. I do know that a couple of you could not make it due to other things/events/meetings on campus, but please do make sure you come to these events. The most amazing thing about KGI is the fact that they have such amazing companies recruit students and even have alumni who come back and talk about how KGI played a role in shaping their career. I can’t wait to do the same thing one day :).

I hope all of you also enjoyed the Poster Corridor Event. A huge thank you to those of you who stopped by to listen to my internship experience. I was really interested and excited to learn about what other KGI students did as well and it seemed that the people I listened to had the most amazing time during their summer internship and learned so much. Each of our internships were in different departments of companies from regulatory to operations to business development—you name the field and we had someone who could share their experience with you! However, the most important thing, about these events is the fact that we had free pizza 😛 (just kidding). Boy, I think I enjoyed free food at KGI almost everyday this week. 😛 Too many events, too little time, right? Welcome to KGI. Super fun updates next week!

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