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KGI and COPE Health Solutions Partner to Create Pathways for Students to Become Healthcare Leaders

COPE Health Solutions has established an academic partnership with Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) to enhance career pathways in healthcare and address healthcare workforce shortages that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. KGI and COPE Health Solutions will be expanding proven Health Scholars’ experiential education courses as well as care navigator, medical assistant, and other workforce training programs that COPE Health Solutions operates.

This collaboration will include scaling of existing programs and courses as well as the development and launch of new programs to train healthcare professionals. For trained and licensed healthcare professionals, there will be professional development and career-enhancing courses and programs, such as COPE Health Solutions’ advanced practitioner fellowship.

“Faced with growing national shortages for nearly every healthcare role, it was important to us to partner with COPE Health Solutions, which is on the front lines in hospitals, medical groups, and communities recruiting and educating future health leaders,” said Dr. Martin Zdanowicz, Dean of KGI’s School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences.

Started in 2000, COPE Health Solutions’ Health Scholars programs train more than 6,000 students annually. This number will grow as more programs are added in collaboration with KGI.

“KGI is enhancing and extending the value of our experiential learning programs,” said Elizabeth DuBois, Principal and Chief People Officer for COPE Health Solutions. “As the leading healthcare and biotechnology graduate school, KGI is providing top-caliber information, instruction, and support as our Health Scholars move forward to pursue further education and careers in healthcare.”

COPE Health Solutions recently launched and is developing custom Health Scholars programs for specific healthcare roles, including medical assistants and surgical technicians, for Adventist Health and other providers. As the firm targets adding programs in nursing, pharmacy, phlebotomy, physical therapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and clinician leadership, COPE Health Solutions is tapping KGI’s academic expertise to help build robust and practical curriculums.

In all cases, Health Scholars are engaged in education and hands-on training programs through partnerships with health systems and medical groups across the United States. The programs target access and outreach to residents in the communities in which the participating provider is located.