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KGI Announces Most Influential Honorees During Silver Anniversary

In honor of Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)’s 25th Anniversary, KGI is proud to announce 33 individuals who have been selected as most influential for service to the Institute during its first 25 years. The individuals will be honored during an anniversary reception and dinner during Founder’s Day on Friday, October 7, 2022.

The most influential honorees comprise former and current KGI faculty, staff, board of trustees, advisory board members, and founding community members.

“Our honorees had a significant impact on KGI’s history,” said KGI President Dr. Sheldon Schuster.

“Without them, the Institute would not be where it is today.”

Contributions from the most influential honorees include, but are not limited to, being involved with the founding of the Institute, planning the curriculum, achieving accreditation, philanthropic investment, and providing guidance and oversight to academic programs.

Nominations for most influential were submitted by the KGI community back in February.

KGI’s Most Influential Honorees

  • Bonnie Anderson, KGI trustee emeritus
  • Karen Bernstein, current KGI trustee
  • Dan Bradbury, current KGI trustee and advisory board member
  • Robert Bradway, friend of KGI
  • Bonnie Busenberg, former KGI staff
  • Steve Casper, current KGI faculty and former dean
  • Marsh Cooper, KGI trustee emeritus (Posthumous)
  • Bob Curry, KGI board chair emeritus and current KGI trustee
  • Robert Day, friend of KGI
  • Gregory Dewey, former KGI dean
  • Dennis Fenton, current KGI advisory board member and trustee emeritus
  • David Finegold, former KGI faculty
  • Bob (Posthumous) and Bette Finnigan, friends of KGI
  • David Galas, former KGI trustee and vice president of research
  • Sean Gallagher, current KGI advisory board member
  • Ross Grossman, current KGI trustee and former advisory board member
  • Judy Heyboer, KGI trustee emeritus
  • Alice Huang, KGI trustee emeritus
  • David Lawrence, former KGI dean
  • John Maguire, KGI trustee emeritus (Posthumous)
  • Angelika Niemz, current KGI faculty
  • Harlyne Norris, KGI trustee emeritus (Posthumous)
  • Stan Phelps, KGI trustee emeritus (Posthumous)
  • Ian Phillips, KGI Professor Emeritus
  • Art Riggs, KGI trustee emeritus (Posthumous)
  • Hank (Posthumous) and Gayle Riggs, Founding KGI President and his wife
  • David Sadava, former KGI advisory council member
  • Jil and Jack Stark, KGI trustee emeritus
  • Jim Sterling, current KGI faculty and former dean
  • Bob Tranquada, KGI trustee emeritus
  • Kathy Webster, former KGI dean (Posthumous)
  • Jim Weinberg, former KGI trustee and board chair (Posthumous)
  • Jim Widergren, current KGI Board Chair

More information about each honoree will be shared in the weeks leading up to the Founder’s Day celebration.

KGI’s silver anniversary celebration began in January 2022 and will run through May 2023. For more information, visit