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KGI Community Helps Send Sample Prep Devices to the International Space Station

Founded by KGI faculty and Director of PSM National Office, Dr. Jim Sterling and former KGI faculty, Dr. Robert Doebler, Claremont BioSolutions will soon have two sample prep devices at the International Space Station (ISS). The company is the product of faculty technology that was developed and patented at KGI and has maintained a successful relationship with the KGI community.

Specifically, Claremont BioSolutions has collaborated with the WetLab-2 team at NASA’s Ames Research Center to adapt their SimplePrepTM technology to rapidly prepare biological samples for gene expression analysis in space. The WetLab-2 Sample Preparation Module (SPM) will be examining gene expression characteristics of multiple biological sample types in a microgravity condition.

When asked to comment on his research related to this project Dr. Sterling said, “My research is in the field of laboratory automation. Scientific experimentation can be dramatically enhanced through the design of experiments that use (a) liquid-handling robots to perform repetitive laboratory tasks and (b) point-of-use disposable cartridges and devices that simplify the scientific protocols. At KGI, we have been involved in the development of DNA testing for various applications, including human infectious disease diagnostics as well as biodefense testing. Some technologies related to automation of DNA and RNA sample preparation were developed and patented in our labs at KGI. Claremont BioSolutions licensed these technologies and have now gone on to develop a portfolio of products that help scientists to simplify and automate their biological sample preparation. We are very excited that the Claremont BioSolutions sample preparation products have been customized for use on the NASA WetLab-2 system and we look forward to hearing about the research performed on the International Space Station using this system.”

KGI talent involved in this project does not end with faculty. PPM alumni Dr. Mark Brown has been working on this project for some time. Currently Dr. Brown is the Director of Applications Development and Senior Scientist at Claremont BioSolutions and is the primary individual that is responsible for technology, and collaboration.

Current MBS student Ryan L. Bailey has also recently worked on the NASA project. While fulfilling his internship component of the MBS program, Bailey has said the experience KGI has helped him access at Claremont BioSolutions has been amazing. “I’ve had the opportunity to apply many of the core components seen in the MBS program at KGI, which allowed me to hit the ground running. Projects such as the NASA collaboration require many different skill sets to efficiently navigate and understand how various pieces of a project must work together for a common goal. Along with an amazing team, I’ve also had the opportunity to work under the guidance of Dr. Mark Brown, an Alumni of KGI’s PPM program. Although we have had much different experiences prior to our time at KGI, the common understanding of how science and business work together has been the foundation for an efficient work environment.”

Dr. Jim Sterling is a Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at Claremont BioSolutions.

Dr. Robert Doebler is a Co-Founder and President at Claremont BioSolutions.