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KGI Student Body Votes in 2016 Spring Election

The Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) student body voted to fill ten seats in its spring 2016 Student Government Election. The election drew candidates from across the spectrum-all of which demonstrated their desire to contribute to KGI’s success. With the support of these newly elected student representatives, the 2016-2017 school year is expected to be full of much progress, achievement, and great student leadership.

Developing strong leaders is important to KGI. We not only prepare our student body for successful careers but we also strive to ensure our students find value in being integral members of their communities. To that end, participation in student government has become a vehicle for students to develop, build upon and exercise their leadership skills, and experience firsthand how meaningful civic involvement can be in one’s life. KGI prides itself in knowing today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and this year’s student government election results are representative of this fact.

President: Vilma Huerta   

Vice President: Poonim Daya   

Treasurer: Viraj Patel  

Ethics and Judicial Chair: Carl Decker   

Professional Development Chair: Nyssa Spector   

Social Chair: Alyssa Palmquist   

Cross-Cultural Diversity Chair: Sharanya Hari  

Communication Chair: Dhriti Visvanathan   

2nd Year SOP Representative: Danielle Tessier   

3rd Year SOP Representative: Susan Lee   

2nd Year MBS Representative: Aditi Shastry 


The large number of students who ran for office and voted is a reflection of an active and involved student body that KGI is proud of. The successful candidates will serve during the 2016-17 academic year.