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KGI to Solicit Ideas for a Mascot

In conjunction with Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)’s 25th anniversary year, KGI leadership has determined that now is the right time to introduce a mascot.

Why a Mascot?

Students and alumni have asked, “Why doesn’t KGI have a mascot?” These questions prompted the Institute to consider if KGI should have a mascot. And if so, what should it be?

The primary purpose of a mascot is to build and strengthen brand identity. A mascot will connect with our students, alumni, and community.

A mascot that distinctly represents KGI and creates a recognizable personality will give our partners and constituencies a name and face to connect with and help differentiate KGI from the other Keck institutions and organizations.

A September 2021 research paper, “Whitepaper on Using Brand Mascots and Characters” by the Moving Picture Company, a Technicolor Creative Studios company, found that brand mascots and characters can increase the emotional connection with customers by up to 41%.

This paper, along with internal discussions, has led us to believe that a mascot can engage our audience better.

Benefits of a mascot:

  • Energize students and alumni to rally around a central figure
  • Build and strengthen KGI’s identity
  • Solicit recommendations and engage alumni to incorporate their experiences to create an identity for their institution
  • A mascot identity will help differentiate KGI from other Keck institutions and organizations

The Mascot Process

Following recommendations from students, alumni, and Institute leaders, the decision to solicit ideas from the community received support from all levels at KGI. As such, KGI has started the process of identifying a mascot.

Ideas for the new KGI mascot are now being accepted through March 31. Visit to submit your idea. Students, employees, alumni, and community members are invited to submit ideas.

Criteria have been developed in the selection of the new mascot. KGI’s mascot should:

  • Be a unifying symbol for KGI
  • Present a positive image or ideal that will build enthusiasm and campus spirit
  • Be broadly relevant across the KGI community, the student body, and generations of alumni
  • Be representative of KGI’s experience, history, or geography, either generally or specifically
  • Be represented in a visually pleasing way that connects to KGI’s values

Once results are received, KGI’s President’s Cabinet members will narrow the suggestions to the top five. A focus group will review submissions and meet to discuss the merits of each mascot suggestion and narrow those choices down to three. Those finalists will be sent for a final vote to Cabinet by April 20; the mascot will be announced on July 11, 2022.

To view the complete mascot timeline and submit your mascot idea, visit