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Room to Grow – From Sarepta Intern to Making Impact on the Pipeline

This article is taken from Sarepta’s site.

When Alex Lagadinos completed his Ph.D. in Virology in 2013, he knew he didn’t want to continue on the academic research path. “While it was interesting intellectually, I was missing that connection between the science and developing a medicine,” says Alex.

Alex enrolled in the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) in California, where he learned about the drug development process and gained the business acumen needed to transition to other areas of the industry. Through KGI, he was exposed to multiple pharmaceutical and biotech companies — including Sarepta.

In 2014, Alex Lagadinos joined Sarepta as a summer intern with the Business Development (BD) team. Six years later, as associate director of Corporate Development, Alex has been instrumental in expanding Sarepta’s scientific capabilities through strategic partnerships.

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