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School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Cohorts Organize Special Donation to #GiveTueKGI Campaign

Each of the four cohorts in the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences organized a class donation to #GiveTueKGI, the Institute’s fall fundraising campaign that coincided with the global Giving Tuesday movement.

#GiveTueKGI started on Nov. 28 and raised more than one-third of its $30,000 goal on the first day. Donations to the campaign, which runs through Dec. 31, support KGI’s innovators, researchers, pharmacists, leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, difference makers, and pioneers. Supporters can choose five different areas in which to make a difference: professional development, scholarships, faculty support and research, facility upkeep, and innovation.

The four School of Pharmacy cohorts—representing the classes of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021—conducted separate fundraisers among their classes, with the proceeds going toward #GiveTueKGI.

The Class of 2020 offered a dress-down day to those who wanted a relaxing Friday, and charged $5 per person to dress down.

“We felt like it was important to donate because we wanted to show our appreciation to our school, which is such an integral part of our profession,” said Alexis Jackson, treasurer and fundraising chair for the Class of 2020.

The Class of 2021 hosted a Pharmsgiving Extravaganza to celebrate Thanksgiving, which featured plenty of food and fun. Students who were unable to bring food to the potluck gave money, and those dollars were donated to #GiveTueKGI.

“It is important to give because it amplifies our inherent compassionate nature as human beings and reminds us to be grateful for the little things in life,” said Andy Pham, PharmD ’21.

The Class of 2019 hosted a pizza fundraiser and sold KGI swag in order to raise money.

“As third-year students, we have seen the ability and talent of our fellow students and faculty over the past three years, and wanted to contribute support,” said Pranav Bhakta, PharmD ’19. “By donating, we are supporting KGI so the Institute can continue to provide a solid foundation and programs for current and future students who will make a difference in healthcare innovation and patient care.”

Fundraising for the Class of 2018 presented a unique challenge, as students were not on-campus due to the participation of experiential rotations across the country. Instead, students decided to fundraise via direct donations from classmates.

“The success of the fundraiser was due to our class’ desire to give back to KGI, even if only a little,” said Christian Thompson, PharmD ‘18. “We have invested nearly four years here at KGI preparing ourselves for our PharmD and beyond. When that time is finished, we will begin a new chapter in our lives as pharmacists.”

To support KGI’s change makers and help the school reach its $30,000 campaign goal, visit givetue.kgi.edu.