Shark Tank 2018

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Hosts 4th Annual Shark Tank App Competition

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On December 12, the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences hosted its fourth annual Shark Tank App Competition for the PHAR 430 Intro to Pharmacy Informatics course taught by Armen Simonian, assistant dean and chair of clinical and administrative sciences.

The competition featured 10 teams of PharmD students who pitch their pharmacy related app to a panel of judges and ask for fictitious seed funding, similar to the popular television show Shark Tank.

“The goal of the event is for students to gain knowledge regarding the use of information technology and automation in the practice of pharmacy,” said Simonian. “They should then be able to demonstrate comprehension of the subject matter through this exciting, active-learning exercise.”

This year, Team Anti-BEAotics won the 2018 competition with its product, RxAcademy, an interactive education tool to help teach and reinforce clinical practice skills for pharmacy students.

All 10 competing teams gained plenty of real-world experiences through building and pitching their products to the five competition judges: KGI President Sheldon Schuster, Lab Launch Founder and CEO Llewellyn Cox, PacketBio CEO Dev Mazumdar, MedTech Innovator Vice President Jenell Robinson, and IBM Los Angeles City Manager Chuck Skiko.

Below is the full list of teams and products.

Team 1: iWolves
Product name: SAP (Smart Auto-Populating) Scanner 1000
Description: A smart scanner that can scan ID cards, insurance cards, and prescriptions.

Team 2: Team Dos(e)
Product name: BetteRx
Description: Developing a mobile application that serves as a platform for consumers to find their most affordable prices available by collaborating with patient’s insurance companies.

Team 4: Might Morphine PharmD Rangers
Product name: MedTag and APP
Description: MedTag is a personalized product engraved QR code that is linked to the patient’s current list of medications, allergies, and medical conditions retrievable from the app.

Team 5: Netflix & Pill
Product Name: Transferase
Description: A software system that improves the process of transferring prescriptions in an efficient and up to date manner.

Team 6: Pharmseals
Product name: MedConnect
Description: An application that provides pharmacy wait times and inventory stock information.

Team 7: Crunchy 7
Product name: MoprhiCalc
Description: An app that allows providers to calculate and convert opioid doses with ease.

Team 8: Anti-BEAotics                                         
Product name: RxAcademy
Description: An interactive education tool to help teach and reinforce clinical practice skills for pharmacy students.

Team 9: The Pharmtastic NINEZ
Product name: AIRmergency Inc.
Description: When you need medication urgently, call on AIRmergency

Team 10: Painkillerz
Product name: My Health Briefcase
Description: An application that would allow other providers and pharmacists access to patient’s personal medical records and information to maximize patient safety as well as therapy outcomes.

Team 11: Maximum Dosage
Product name: ScriptScout
Description: ScriptScout is a pharmacy information and GPS navigation software app that provides user-submitted data on prescription wait time, services offered, and reviews of the pharmacy and its staff.

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