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Stand Together to Promote Unity, Inclusion, and Safety for All

This message was first shared with KGI’s returning students on June 3, 2020.


Dear KGI students,

Student Affairs would like to take the time to offer words of support and share some resources that can help our current students. Please also refer to the self-care and mental health resources shared in the message sent on June 2 from President Schuster. Below is a non-comprehensive list of resources in coping with this situation, as well as links to petitions, places to donate, and educational resources.

Together, we must talk about our genuine fears, our sense of inadequacy, our sadness that we are without the daily on-campus support of one another to process our range of views and feelings. We must educate ourselves and one another on the realities of racism, classism, religious persecution and so many other barriers that stand in the way of realizing our human potential.

We seek your partnership to create a world where the worth and dignity of every individual is respected. It is our responsibility as an academic community to confront humanity’s most urgent challenges.  We need to stand together to promote unity, inclusion, and safety for all.

We are happy to continue this conversation with you and any student who would like to discuss. Please reach out and feel free to share additional resources on our Slack channel.  We will be posting these resources on Slack, too.

Health & Wellness Resources:



Contact Representatives 

  • Send letters to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey or Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz demanding justice, accountability, and/or policing changes.
  • Call Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman at (612) 348-5550.
  • Call Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison at (651) 296-3353. 
  • Call Minnesota Gov. Walz at (651) 201-3400.

Educational Resources and Guides


In Solidarity,

The Student Affairs Team