KGI’s 17th Annual Rare Disease Day Event, March 2, 2024

The event is dedicated to exploring and discussing the many facets surrounding rare disease patients and their therapy. KGI President Sheldon Schuster will welcome attendees, including the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) vice chairman.


Dr. Ian Phillips, KGI Norris Professor Emeritus of Applied Life Sciences, founded and provided continuous support to the Rare Disease Day (RDD) and its associated student club on campus, which owe their existence to him.

Jennifer Nguyen, a KGI PharmD graduate and former president of the student Rare Disease Club, acknowledged Dr. Phillips’ contribution by saying, “Dr. Phillips’ passion for rare disease advocacy, innovative science, and ethics have inspired a whole new generation of healthcare providers.”

Dr. Phillips added, “Rare Disease Day raises awareness about the plight of 30 million people in the USA who have a rare disease.”

What is Rare Disease Day?

Traditionally, RDD is celebrated on the last day of February. RDD will be celebrated this year on the rarest of days, February 29. Learn more.


Nathan Bach, MSGDA ’24
President of Students for Rare

Alisar Shanklin, MSGDA ‘24
Vice President of Students for Rare

Dr. Barbara Fortini
Associate Professor of Genetics, Program Director, MSGDA, and Club Advisor

Upcoming Event

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