Students make certificate selections in the Fall of the P2 year. All PharmD students are required to take a minimum of 10.5 didactic elective credits. These electives must be completed successfully by the end of the P-3 year. Previous courses taken as a prerequisite or for fulfillment of another degree cannot be used to fulfill this elective requirement. No student will be allowed to begin P-4 year APPE rotations until didactic electives have been completed. Didactic electives must be selected from the list of elective courses pertinent for the students’ selected concentration. Registration for SPHS electives will follow the procedures of the KGI SPHS.

  • Elective courses will be graded using the approved KGI grading scale. All grades in elective courses will be reflected in the students Grade Point Average (GPA). Re-assessment and Extended Learning are not available for electives.
  • A student may drop an elective before the course starts or during the first 10% of the course. After 10% of the course has been completed, the student may receive a “withdrawal” (W) from the course if they are unable to complete the course due to personal circumstances. The student must fill out the appropriate paperwork to receive a withdrawal. The “W” will remain on their transcript and another elective must be taken to fulfill progression requirements.