Registration and Enrollment Procedure for PharmD Students

  • Core courses, labs, and introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE’s) will be assigned and students will be enrolled by the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences:
    All student schedules in the SPHS will be completed by the ADAA. Core courses will automatically be incorporated into each student’s schedule according to class year. Lab classes will be assigned by the ADAA for the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. In most circumstances, course assignments may not be altered or changed.
  • Faculty advisors will aid students in selection of elective courses needed for certificate completion.
  • Elective courses begin in the P-3 year and are applicable to the certificate chosen by the student: Medication Therapy Outcomes, Healthcare Informatics, or Medical and Clinical Affairs. Students must declare their preferred certificate during the P2 year. Certificate availability may vary. The ADAA will coordinate with the Registrar to enroll the students into elective courses and coordinate schedules between courses offered through schools/colleges outside of SPHS. Failure to meet with faculty advisors regarding elective course selections will result in a Registration Hold being put on the student’s account which will prohibit the student from starting classes until the requirements are satisfied.
  • Advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) registration for P-4 students will be coordinated through the Office of Experiential Education and as above executed by the ADAA.
    Students must work with the Office of Experiential Education to select their APPEs. Core APPEs will be assigned where space is available with clinical partners. The Office of Experiential Education will do its best to accommodate student choice, however space at core and elective sites may be limited, and first choices may not always be available. Once the Office of Experiential Education has placed students, the information will be sent to the ADAA for registration as above.