In order to graduate from the KGI Physician Assistant Program and earn a The Chan Family Master of Science in PA Studies (MSPA), a student must:

  • Successfully complete all coursework according to program defined academic standards. The coursework is a total of 124 credit hours, which includes 84 credit hours of didactic curriculum and 40 credit hours of supervised clinical practice experiences.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at program completion.
  • Successfully pass all components of the Summative Evaluation at the conclusion of the program to demonstrate achievement of all Program Learning Outcomes and Competencies.
  • Be in good professional standing with the MSPA Program.
  • Complete the KGI graduation application process prior to the established due date.
  • Meet all KGI financial requirements and obligations, which includes ensuring there are no outstanding tuition payments, program fees, graduation fees, library charges, or other institutional fees.
  • Complete the MSPA program within the maximum time-to-completion, which is defined as 150% of the program length (i.e., 3.375 years). Deceleration and remediation must also be completed within this timeframe. Delays due to approved personal or medical leaves of absence are excluded from the maximum time-to-completion requirement. Please refer to the “Leave of Absence” section in the MSPA Program Student Handbook and this handbook for further details