In order to graduate with an Occupational Therapy Doctorate degree from KGI, a student must:

  1. Successfully complete all required OTD coursework. The curriculum will be  128credit hours total with required didactic coursework of 89 credits including the choice of two electives at 1.5 credits each (must take one but can take two during the given term) fieldwork level I at 5.5 credits, fieldwork level II at 24 credits, and the doctoral capstone experience at 14 credits.
  2. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the end of each trimester and at the completion of the program.
  3. Demonstrate competency in professional skills within the OTD program.
  4. Successfully pass two fieldwork level II experiences (24 credits for a total of 960 hours).
  5. Successfully pass the doctoral capstone experience (14 credits for a total of 560 hours).
  6. Complete the KGI graduation application process prior to the established due date.
  7. Meet all KGI financial requirements and obligations, which include ensuring there are no outstanding tuition payments, program fees, graduation fees, library charges, or other institutional fees.