Explanation of Basic Tuition and Fees

For current tuition, fees, and other information, please review the student account website.

Students in an SPHS program who must repeat any didactic or clinical course will be required to pay an additional per credit tuition cost.

Tuition is billed and payable as follows:

Billing Date
Due Date
May 16 (PharmD P3 and P4 students only)
July 5
August 28
December 1
January 15
April 21 (MSPA students only)
April 29


All students are required to pay tuition and fees at the current year’s rates. KGI reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time. For more details, please review KGI Tuition Rates.

The following KGI offices can answer questions for students about scholarships, student loans, and bills and payments:

Admissions Office: admissions@kgi.edu

Financial Aid Office: financial_aid@kgi.edu

Student Accounts Office: student_accounts@kgi.edu

Other Fees

Fee Type
Late Payment Fee
The greater of 1% of the past due Student Account Balance or $50
Late Registration Fee
Returned Check Fee
Official Transcript Fee
$12.50 per transcript
Enrollment Verifications
$5.00 per verification for current students
$10.00 per verification for former/alumni
No fee will be charged for In-School Deferment form for Student Loans.
$50.00 per semester
Replacement Diploma
$50.00 for replacement diploma/certificate


*Late Payment Fees are accrued on a weekly basis beginning with the first business day following the payment deadline at the greater of 1% of the outstanding balance or $50. Unpaid fees from offices at The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS), including the Student Health Center, Library, and Campus Safety are added to KGI student accounts and, also, are subject to accrue the late fee.

Any unpaid balances may result in removal from registered classes and student systems/programs such as Sakai/Canvas and Student Government activities. Furthermore, a hold will be placed on diplomas and registration until your outstanding balance is paid in full.