Withdrawal and Refunds

In cases of withdrawal, KGI reduces tuition, fees, fellowship awards, and eligibility for student loans according to the schedule below. Date of withdrawal is defined as the date that the KGI Academic Affairs Office receives a signed statement of withdrawal from the student. Reductions of student loans are returned directly to the lenders of the funds in compliance with U.S. Department of Education requirements for calculating refunds of federal student loans in cases of withdrawal from an academic program.

Note: If a student has already received checks from KGI for credit balances on student tuition accounts before withdrawal, the student will be required to reimburse KGI for all or part of the original credit balances. Please see the section on financial aid.

Date of Withdrawal Refund Percentage

Refund Percentage
Through the 1st week of classes
Full Refund
After the 1st week through the 2nd week
90% refund
After the 2nd week through the 3rd week
75% refund
After the 3rd week through the 6th week of classes
50% refund
After 6 weeks
No refund