Students must maintain a neat and clean appearance appropriate for a student attending professional school. KGI will allow Students the right to dress in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity as long as it is not in violation of the dress code. Specific dress requirements vary with each academic setting (i.e., on campus, off campus, special in-class guests, and presentations). Professional judgement should always be used. Students should consult with their course instructor if they have any questions regarding a special class circumstance.

General requirements that apply to all academic settings are as follows:

  • Demonstrate good general hygiene, which includes regular bathing, use of deodorants, and maintaining good dental hygiene.
  • Clinging fabrics and tight outfits are not appropriate. Provocative clothing styles are not appropriate.
  • *Hats will not be permitted to be worn during an exam. *This does not apply to headgear considered a part of religious or cultural dress.
  • Clean, professional, and comfortable shoes should be worn (flip-flops not permitted).
  • Clothing with profane or offensive language are not permitted.
  • Each student’s school identification must be with them at all times.

General requirements that apply to all laboratory and clinical settings are as follows:

It is important for students to dress appropriately at all times in the clinical and community settings, even if there to observe, or to work on case prep or follow-up. Be mindful of your professional appearance as supervisors and patients pay attention to how you carry yourself. In addition to the requirements listed above, the following policies will be in effect:

  • The OSHA occupational foot protection standard at 29 CFR 1910.136(a) requires the use of protective footwear when employees are working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to falling or rolling objects, or objects piercing the sole, and where there is a possibility of the employee’s feet being exposed to an electrical hazard. (Laboratory or Clinical Settings)
  • Artificial Nails fall under National Patient Safety Goal 7 (part of the TJC standards healthcare organizations are surveyed on), CDC Guidelines (2002), and WHO Guidelines (2009): TJC: National Patient Safety Goal 7 requires organizations to “reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections.” Artificial nails will not be worn in laboratory settings or in clinical environments.
  • Nails should be well manicured and of a length which does not interfere with clinical activities.
  • Jewelry (e.g., earrings, rings) may not be worn in the laboratory setting.
    * This does not apply to nose rings for religious or cultural purpose. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen jewelry.
  • A clean white waist-length laboratory coat is to be worn at all times on lab days.
  • Clean KGI approved scrubs may be worn under a lab coat during lab days.

Specific settings


  • Ankle-length slacks or khakis, knee length skirts or dresses
  • Sweaters, blouses/tops, polo shirts, or dress shirts with or without a tie • Professional open toe shoes, mules, or slides may be worn


  • Nice ankle-length slacks or khakis with a polo shirt, sweater, or button-up shirt/ blouse or (unless otherwise specified, neck ties are not to be worn).
  • All students must wear closed toe shoes with socks. Tennis shoes or clogs (e.g., Crocs without holes such as the Endeavor style), that are clean and in good condition are permitted.


Students will adhere to the KGI SPHS dress code unless otherwise specified, in writing, by the rotation site.


After hours and weekend dress is permitted after 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday, except for formal scheduled activities during this time frame.

  • In addition to Classroom attire, students may wear nice jeans, shorts, and T- shirts that are in good repair (no visible holes or rips), allowing for freedom of movement without inappropriate exposure. Clothing design (e.g., T-shirt pictures and wording) and cut must be conservative.
  • Tennis shoes that are clean and in good condition are permitted.

    For more specific policies, OTD students should refer to the OTD Program Student Handbook and MSPA students should refer to the MSPA Program Student Handbook.

In addition to the minimum dress code standards listed above, PharmD students must also adhere to the following:

  • Hair should be kept well groomed, neat, and worn in a professional, conservative hairstyle.
  • No visible tattoos.
  • Body piercing, other than earrings, should be removed or covered. Earring style must be conservative. No more than two earrings per ear may be worn simultaneously. However, jewelry (e.g., earrings, rings) may not be worn in the laboratory setting. * This does not apply to nose rings for religious or cultural purpose.
  • Clothing should be clean, neat, and in good repair (no visible holes or rips), allowing for freedom of movement without inappropriate exposure. Clothing design and cut must be conservative.
  • Dress shoes should be clean and polished.
  • Laboratory coats should be waist-length, white in color, clean, pressed, and in good repair (no visible holes or rips).
  • There may be rare occasions when a change in the code is authorized (e.g., jean days). These will be formally communicated in writing.

KGI Spirit Fridays Policy

Students are allowed to dress casually during non-professional Fridays, while still maintaining a presentable, neat and appropriate appearance. The following clothing items may NOT be worn:

  • See-through/lace/fishnet clothing
  • Crop tops/bikini tops
  • Tank tops/muscle shirts
  • Very short skirts/shorts
  • Ripped jeans/pants
  • Pajamas
  • Low cut shirts/blouses
  • Excessively baggy clothing
  • Hoodies, hats/beanies
  • Sweat pants/leggings

Students should not wear clothing that is distracting or offensive to others. Students should refrain from wearing clothing that contains slogans and/or images related, but not limited to religion, sexuality, politics, age, ethnicity, disability, and gender identity.

Clothing articles permitted to be worn for Spirit Fridays are the following:

  • T-shirts (KGI Logo or plain solid color)
  • Jeans
  • Joggers (excluding sweatpants)
  • Sweaters (KGI Logo)
  • Sweater shirts (KGI Logo excluding hood)
  • Skirts (knee-length minimum) • Closed-toe shoes, sneakers, and loafers

The following colors may be worn for any of the above clothing articles:

  • Navy
  • Aqua
  • Red
  • White
  • Black

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