This policy and its procedures apply to all KGI faculty, staff, students, and visitors to KGI.


Weapons—The term weapons should be understood to include fireworks, combustibles, and explosive devices, dirks, daggers, knives (whether fixed or folding, having a blade length longer than 2 1/2 inches unless the knife is being used lawfully in or around a laboratory, or residential, dining, or kitchen facility in connection with food preparation or consumption), firearms of any type (including antique and military “trophy” firearms), air rifles, air pistols, pellet/BB guns, paintball guns, or other devices capable of expelling a projectile with force of air pressure or spring action, any type of non-functional replica weapon, blow guns, spear guns, sling shots, bows and arrows, swords, any other form of weapon, sporting instrument, self-defense instrument, ammunition for any purpose (live or inert), and/or any weapon possessed or used in violation of the California Penal Code.


The possession of weapons on the premises of KGI or in any building under KGI’s control or at any KGIsponsored event is prohibited and a violation of California law. Violation of this policy will result in confiscation of the weapon and disciplinary action, up to and including termination or expulsion.

According to the California State Penal Code, Section 626.9(b), any person who brings or possesses a firearm upon the grounds of, or within, a private institution is guilty of a felony which is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for one, two, or three years. In addition, the use of firearms in Claremont, Los Angeles County or in the western portion of San Bernardino County is prohibited by law.

The state law, as well as KGI, prohibits bringing firecrackers or explosive materials of any kind onto any part of the campus or into the buildings. This includes combustibles in containers such as gasoline cans.

Illegal knives, switchblades, and other blades which violate California state law are prohibited. BB guns, pellet rifles, and other weapons which propel projectiles are also prohibited and are not allowed on campus. If necessary, recreational items may be stored at Campus Safety.

Violation of this policy by any member of the community will result in confiscation of the weapon and may result in disciplinary action.