KGI is committed to providing degree programs without regard to disability, while assuring that academic and technical standards are met. Technical standards represent the essential non-academic requirements that a student must demonstrate to successfully participate in KGI’s certificate and degree programs and meet the professional competency requirements. Students must demonstrate competence in intellectual, physical, and social tasks that represent fundamentals of being able to successfully complete the program’s curriculum in order to pursue any career path in professional practice. Thus, the standards are prerequisites for admission, continuation, and graduation from KGI. The program faculty will monitor the student’s ability to meet these standards.

KGI will consider for admission any applicant who demonstrates the ability to perform or to learn to perform the skills listed in the Technical Standards for which the student has applied for. All applicants are held to the same academic and technical standards of admission and training, with reasonable accommodations as needed for students who have registered with accessibility services. KGI reserves the right not to admit any applicant who cannot meet the Technical Standards set for each program with reasonable accommodations. Applicants are not required to disclose the nature of their disability(ies), if any, to the Admissions Committee. To matriculate into a program, the applicant must sign the Technical Standards Certification Form documenting their ability to meet the standards. This form is part of the supplemental application. However, if a student cannot demonstrate the necessary skills and abilities, it is the responsibility of the student to request an appropriate accommodation. Any applicant with questions about the technical standards is strongly encouraged to discuss the issue with The Division of Student Affairs and/ or the Vice President of Academic Affairs prior to the interview process. If appropriate, and upon the request of the applicant/student, the school will consider technological and other facilitating mechanisms needed in order to train and function effectively as a professional student.

Candidates for any KGI program must be able to perform the essential functions set by their programs in order to complete graduate training.