High academic standards are critical to ensuring academic integrity and quality at KGI. Each academic semester, students identified as not meeting the requirements for minimum progress are reviewed by the Dean and/or Associate Dean, Academic Review Committee (ARC) for Riggs School programs, SPHS Student Progression Committee (SPC), or other program-specific progression committees will determine whether the problem lies with administrative matters, such as reporting of grades, or with academic performance. 

Students have the opportunity to explain any special circumstances. See the section on “Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid Eligibility” on page G–4: students placed on academic probation are required to work with Academic Affairs and the Division of Student Affairs to develop a suitable plan to make every effort to ensure adequate academic progress in the subsequent semester. 

Students that are placed on academic probation will be ineligible to continue to hold leadership positions in professional organizations, clubs, and committees. Each organization/club is responsible for holding special elections to replace the vacated position. The Senior Director of Student Affairs will replace students on committees.