Background Assumptions

The mission of each of The Claremont Colleges  (TCCS)states that education is the primary service which each provides to students; therefore, it is the policy of The Claremont Colleges that classes will not be canceled. Only overriding considerations of the most serious kind (safety, health, etc.) may justify interrupting instruction. 

Because the Constitution of TCCS provides for free cross-enrollment, each member of TTCCS has an interest in each other member continuing to provide instruction without interruption. Therefore, a member institution that cancels classes must immediately contact the Chair of the Council of Presidents, the CEO of TCCS, and Campus Safety to inform them of the cancellation. 

The structure of various members of TCCS is such that there are special considerations for different institutions. For example: 

  • Most instruction at Claremont Graduate University is given in late afternoon or early evening, relatively few students live in Claremont, and many students travel considerable distances to attend classes;
  • Instruction at Keck Graduate Institute is done on a different daily schedule than for the other member colleges;
  • Cross-enrollment among the five undergraduate colleges is so extensive and complex that it is extremely difficult for all of them if even one of the undergraduate colleges cancels class