A student may request a leave of absence due to occurrence of medical problem(s), serious personal problems, pregnancy, or military deployment. Students requesting a leave of absence must submit the request in writing to the Division of Student Affairs. In the event of a medical problem, the request must be accompanied by a letter from a physician, medical provider, or a personal psychologist/psychiatrist describing the nature of the disability for which the leave is requested and the estimated length of time needed for recovery.

When a student in the Reserves or in the National Guard is called to active duty, the student must notify the Senior Director of Student Affairs and provide proof of deployment prior to being deployed. The proof may be faxed, mailed, or hand-delivered. It may take the form of general orders cut by the company commander. International students must meet with the International Student Advisor to understand how taking a leave of absence will affect their immigration status.

The Senior Director of Student Affairs shall notify the Academic Dean who shall determine whether or not the leave is to be granted and the conditions under which the student may return to KGI. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the Senior Director of Student Affairs informed of any change of address or circumstances while on a leave of absence. The terms and conditions of the leave will be determined by the Academic Dean and will be documented prior to the student taking the leave.

General Leave of Absence Policy

The usual limit for a leave of absence is two academic semesters. Leaves of absence may be extended to a maximum of two years. A leave of absence, if approved, will take into account the following conditions:

  • Students who do not return at the end of the leave will be withdrawn and must submit a petition for subsequent readmission to the program, unless an extension is filed prior to the deadline • Students must return to classes, rotation, or internship
  • Students must be currently enrolled in academic courses; if a student is withdrawn for any reason, a request for a leave of absence cannot be considered until the withdrawal is resolved • Students who receive financial aid should meet with a financial aid counselor before going on a leave
  • After the eleventh week of the semester, a student may apply for a leave of absence only for medical reasons or due to military deployment
  • Students who take leaves should be aware that more than six months on leave will cause many student loans to go into repayment; Students should see their financial aid counselor for more information on how their loans may be affected by a leave of absence
  • When a student is activated for military duty during the semester, KGI will:
    • Excuse tuition for that semester; any payment made will be credited to the student’s account
    • Expunge the student’s record of registration so that the student is not penalized for being called to active duty
    • If a student is called to active duty near the end of the semester, the student and faculty members may determine that incomplete (I) grades are more appropriate. In this case, tuition will not be waived.

Academic Standing

A leave of absence will not be granted to a student who is currently on academic probation unless it is a leave due to a serious medical issue or condition and only with the permission of the Academic Dean.

Returning From A Leave of Absence

Students returning from an approved leave of absence must submit an Application for Reinstatement to the Division of Student Affairs and to the Office of Academic Affairs. It should be submitted no later than June 1 for the fall term, November 1 for the spring term, and March 1 for the summer term.

Students should meet with their program advisor to ensure appropriate selection of courses upon returning from a leave of absence, if applicable. Students need to make arrangements for registration with the Office of the Registrar. Students who are withdrawn and have intent to graduate may be reentered after a leave of absence pending approval, prior to the semester in which they will graduate.