To be considered registered, a student must be enrolled in coursework, pay tuition and fees, and complete required items for the semester. A student is considered non-registered if they have not enrolled, have not paid tuition and fees, or not completed required items. The Institute holds each student fully responsible for checking the accuracy of their initial registration and any subsequent changes submitted to the Office of the Registrar for assuring that the Registrar is provided with a correct address, and for carefully reviewing the status of registration report on the student portal to make sure that it accurately reflects their registration. Students should take prompt steps to eliminate any discrepancies. Students should keep a copy of any petitions or forms that have been submitted to the Registrar’s office.

Students must register every semester if they are regular or part-time.

KGI policy requires continuous registration for students from the first semester of enrollment in a program until completion of the degree or certificate. Non-registered students include those who are on leave from the Institute. This category also includes students who have withdrawn from KGI.

Full-Time Status

KGI’s definition of full-time status may differ from that for federal financial aid eligibility. If a student requires financial aid, they must meet the federal higher education enrollment standards for financial aid eligibility.

A graduate or professional student is considered a full-time student if enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits for the semester. A PhD student is considered a full-time student if enrolled in a minimum of 15 credits for the semester.

Students will only be considered full time if they are continuously enrolled for at least two consecutive semesters annually. The following considerations also apply:

  • Students enrolled in doctoral research are considered full time.
  • All graduate students who are in Dissertation Continuation may be considered full time.
  • Students who are engaged in an “internship” experience as part of their degree requirements may be considered full time at the discretion of Academic Affairs.
  • International students must maintain full-time status to be in compliance with Visa regulations. They should consult with the International Student Advisor if they have questions about their individual status. Note that timely registration for courses is especially important so that they may remain in compliance with Visa regulations.

Part-Time Status

Graduate students may apply for part-time status through the Academic Dean. Doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy are not eligible for part-time status.


Adding and dropping courses for Riggs School programs prior to the deadlines are accomplished online through the student portal or through the online add/drop form on the Registrar’s webpage found here.

Add/drop dates will be listed on the academic calendar.

Course adds/drops are generally not allowed for required courses in the MSGC, MSGDA, MSPA, OTD, and PharmD programs. They may be considered for elective courses, which will be in the P-3 or P-4 year for PharmD students and second year for MSGDA students. Changes to electives should be discussed and approved by the Academic Affairs office and for PharmD students, the Office of Experiential Education. All changes to the student’s registration will be communicated to the registrar by the Program Director or Coordinator or Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Late Registration

It is important to enroll, register, and pay fees in a timely manner to avoid any financial implications. Registration deadlines fall towards the end of the prior semester and are based on a wellpublicized billing cycle. Students who are not paid in full will not be admitted to class.

Student Portal

KGI students have access to Empower, their student portal, by clicking here.

If a student has questions about registration, please contact the Office of the Registrar at