Maintaining/Starting a New Organization

Every fall semester all student organizations must submit a Student Club Registration Form. You should also submit a copy of the organization’s constitution or bylaws when any changes are made to it. Copies of each of the above documents should also be submitted to Student Government for their records. If your organization does not submit the above documents by the deadline noted, your organization may be considered inactive and any corresponding funding may be reallocated. Club registration is opened in the beginning of fall and spring semesters.

Criteria for Active Status

All recognized student organizations will be eligible to receive Student Government funds if they meet the following criteria:

  • Submit a Student Club Registration Form
  • Submit a budget request for the year
  • Draft bylaws pertaining to their goals, purposes and functions, including rules for election of officers and terms of office, criteria for membership (which does not include any discriminatory policies), and any other rules and procedures, as well as a list of board members and contact information
  • Obtain a faculty or staff advisor.
  • Abide by student government by-laws.