Graduation Regalia

Graduate regalia will be available to purchase or rent through the Huntley Bookstore. An ordering link will be available soon.

Please note: If you have rented or purchased regalia, the bookstore will notify you once it is ready for pick-up (early May). Graduates will be responsible for returning their rentals to the bookstore. There will be collection bins available after each ceremony to assist with returns.

Custom stoles and graduation cords

Custom stoles must be approved by Marketing and Student Affairs and should remain consistent with KGI branding: the material, fonts, KGI seal, and colors, cannot change. If you’d like to order a custom stole for yourself or a student club/organization, please contact Student Affairs at

stole 2022

Graduation cords for student organizations and clubs may only be worn if they have been awarded by the club’s national/umbrella organization and the cords appropriately represent that organization. Student clubs/organizations must have their cords approved by Student Affairs by sending an email to with documentation identifying the cord’s colors, criteria for receiving the cords and proof that the cords have been designated by the national/umbrella organization.

The PharmD program awards honor cords based on overall G.P.A. and those students graduating Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude will be notified via email regarding pick-up.

How to wear your regalia

KGI hooding inforgraphic
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Please contact if you have any questions.