How to wear your cap and gown

  • Master’s video
  • Doctorate video (PhD and PharmD grads will be hooded on stage. Please plan on holding onto your hood over your right arm.)

KGI hooding inforgraphic
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Stoles and Cords

To create your stole, please visit our preferred partner, CollegeWear, by clicking on the link below: Just search for Keck Graduate Institute. The tool
will allow you to create stoles to match our standard designs.

CollegeWear will have the standard designs and styles defined for each KGI program. The trim
color of the stole will vary based on where your degree primarily falls: healthcare, research, or
business and industry.

You will have the ability to customize the stole with your name and degree program. However, at
this time, there are limitations to the additional customization options.

If you choose to purchase a stole from another company, please keep the following requirements
in mind:

  1. The Keck Graduate Institute logo must not be altered in any way, and the wordmark must
    always accompany the KGI “molecule” icon. The logo should be placed near the “Center”
    mark on the right side of the stole.
  2. The primary color of the stole should, in most cases, be navy blue. However, in some
    instances, exceptions may be made. The primary KGI reversed logo (linked here) should be
  3. In the cases where the stole background is a lighter color, the primary KGI logo (linked here)
    should be used.
  4. Below the logo should be the degree name or acronym (e.g., MSPA, MSGDA, etc.) and the
    graduation year.
  5. Your name should appear at the same level or below the KGI logo on the left side of the
  6. Use the official Keck Graduate Institute logo provided. Do not use the KGI seal.
  7. The trim should match the color associated with the degree name:
    1. Aqua trim: MBS, MEng, MSGDA, and MSMDE
    2. Orange trim: MSCM, MSGC, MSPA, OTD, PharmD
    3. Yellow/Gold trim: MS, PhD

    The following applies to the 2025 Commencement Ceremony and beyond.

  8. Registered Student Organizations (RSO) in good standing may propose a unique
    organizational stole that represents the organization and KGI appropriately. The Office of
    Marketing and Communications will review this request for approval. To request a custom
    stole, please click on this link.
  9. School clubs and organizations must submit a request for stole creation at least 30 days
    before Commencement and prior to purchase if multiple individuals will be wearing
    matching stoles. You can submit that request by clicking here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact KGI’s Office of Marketing and Communications

kgi stoles

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with KGI’s Office of Marketing and Communications at