Photography and Video Guide for Commencement

Please read the following tips to ensure you capture the best quality photo and video footage for your commencement video.

  • When you receive your regalia in the mail, remove it from the packaging and hang or steam iron it (if necessary) to keep it as wrinkle-free as possible.

Photo and Video Preparation

  • On the day you take your photo and/or record your video, wear your regalia (for both media) and get the camera ready! (Your photo and video will be broadcasted live and recorded for everyone to view for years to come!) For efficiency, we recommend you take your picture and film your video on the same day.
  • Find a location with good lighting. We recommend taking your photo outdoors if weather permits. Make sure the sunlight is not behind you. If you are taking your photo indoors, try standing by a window where natural light shines through or use a ring light if you have one.
    • For photos: you can invite your family or significant others to join!
  • Write a script for your video and practice to ensure it is within the time limit (10 seconds). Videos that are longer than this will be rejected and sent back to be re-recorded to fit the time limit and must be submitted by the deadline of Friday, April 30.
    • PharmD/PhD students that cannot join in person
      PharmD and PhD students will be allowed an additional 5 seconds of video footage to include themselves being hooded by someone at home. If you do not wish to include this, then the 10-second time limit will apply.
  • When filming your video, find a quiet location to record. Speak loud and clear. Please leave at least 1 second of silence in your video after speaking.
  • Record in portrait mode
  • Be creative and have fun! Please note: music is not allowed. Friendly reminder, keep it appropriate and graduation-related. Videos that are deemed inappropriate will be sent back to be re-recorded.

Commencement Slide and Specifications

  • Your photo in your regalia, name, and degree earned will be included on the slide.
  • You will also have the option to include a message (150-character limit including spaces):
    • Give thanks or appreciation for loved ones or add your favorite quote! This does not have to be the same as your video message.
  • Photo specification: must be .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file types; 20 mb or less. Photo will be cropped into a square.
  • Video specification: .mv4 or .mov file type; 100 mb or less. If recorded on a cellphone, you may need to convert your video. You can search online for video converter websites.

Stage Clip

You should receive an email invitation from our third-party provider, Stage Clip, by Friday, April 9. If you cannot locate your invitation to upload content for the virtual graduation, please be sure first to check your spam/junk mail folder. You can also visit and enter your KGI email address to request that a new invitation be sent.

Remember, your invitation is unique to you; please do not share your link with other graduates. The deadline to submit your commencement pieces is Friday, April 30, 2021.

See how Stage Clip works!