H2: Creating a Complio Account

The first step of your Experiential Education journey is to create an account with American DataBank’s Complio, a comprehensive tool for student screening (e.g. background check, drug screening), immunizations, titers, and compliance.

It is extremely important that you are compliant in all the requirements in Complio.

NEVER let requirements LAPSE (expire). If your requirements lapse/expire (i.e. non-compliant), you will not be allowed to participate in the rotation optimizing process (i.e. submit your rotation preferences) or be allowed to participate in your rotation(s): Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs), Certificate Experience Electives, or Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs).

Please follow the following steps to create an account:

Go to http://kgicompliance.com to create an account and get started with your order by following the steps listed on the home screen (pictured below).

KGI complio homepage


When creating your account, please include your Maiden or Alias name so that any documents that do not contain your current name are not rejected.

When placing your order, please make sure to select the correct year. The Class of 2024 will select P1.

You will need to select three (3) packages:

  1. Keck Master Package
    1. The screening package you will select is the Keck Master Package, which is the immunization tracking package that allows students to upload requirements we need to track. Please note that this is a one-time fee which will cover you through your P4 year.
  2. Background Check Package*
    1. A negative background check is required for matriculation and of all sites to receive clearance to start your rotation.
  3. Drug Screening Package*
    1. A negative drug screening is required,

*Please note that the background check and drug screening packages MUST be purchased yearly at minimum

The other package that will be required of you starting NEXT year for your IPPE 3 and Certificate Experience Elective and in the following year for your APPE rotations are:

  1. Clinical Rotation Package
    1. KGI SPHS pays for the Clinical Rotation Package
    2. The package that allows the students to be placed into a rotation and complete agency specific requirements.

DO NOT purchase this package at this time for the School will deny it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Complio is a new platform KGI SPHS Office of Experiential Education is using to help streamline the onboarding process for matriculation, and both IPPE and APPE rotations. Each time you upload a new requirement, American DataBank (ADB) goes in to verify that the uploaded documents are compliant with the requirements set forth by the sites. Their turnaround time is 1-3 business days.

  • Yes. Complio is required of all pharmacy students to matriculate and go out on their IPPE, Certificate Experience Elective, and APPE rotations. Through the years we have worked diligently to improve our processes and the students’ experience. This platform will help make meeting the onboarding requirements an easier process for our students. In addition, it will assist the Office of Experiential Education in making sure that all students stay up to date with requirements with the help of Complio’s tracking services.

    Please note that students who do not sign up with Complio or do not fulfill their onboarding requirements will not be able to participate in the rotation optimization process or in their assigned rotation(s). Given that it is difficult to obtain rotations in today’s highly concentrated and competitive market, we will utilize the rotations of non-compliant students by offering them to those students who are compliant and needing a rotation. Being noncompliant may result in delayed graduation and have financial consequences.

    Please utilize the instructional videos provided within Complio, as well as the Get Help tab to submit your questions via their ticket system. They will be your best resource for answering your questions about this service. Thank you for all your cooperation with this new procedure. It will provide us all with a better process for onboarding.

  • Dosages and Schedules for Vaccines

    • Dosages and schedules for Hepatitis A vaccines vary depending on manufacture and vaccine. Timeframe to complete series ranges from 6 to 12 months and an additional 6-8 weeks to draw titer.
    • Dosages and schedules for Hepatitis B vaccines vary depending on manufacture and vaccine. Timeframe to complete series is typically 6 months and an additional 6-8 weeks to draw titer.
    • Timeframe to complete varicella two-dose vaccine series is typically four weeks (2 doses of varicella vaccine 28 days apart) and an additional 6-8 weeks to draw titer.
    • Timeframe to complete MMR two-dose vaccine series is typically four weeks (2 doses of MMR vaccine 28 days apart) and an additional 6-8 weeks to draw titer.
    • Timeframe to complete two-step tuberculin skin test is typically 12 to 28 days.

    For additional information about immunizations/vaccinations/titers, please see this document

    • NO. You must repeat the whole process again, which is the “second” step of the Two-Step TB skin Test.
    • It required 4 visits to the healthcare provider.


    ppd test

  • No. Both tests must be compliant. Once one of the two tests expires you are non-compliant.

  • To be complaint you must submit a Positive (reactive) IgG OR a Positive (reactive) Total PLUS Negative (non-reactive) IgM

    ppd test 2

  • You must submit a Positive (reactive) Hepatitis B surface antibody

    ppd test 3

  • You must submit a Hepatitis C Negative Titer- Hepatitis C Antibody (AB)

  • You need to submit Negative QuantiFERON-TB Gold (QFT)/Gamma interferon result OR a negative Chest X-ray.