Writing and Tutoring Center Tutor

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Wincy Yu
Specializes in writing and tutoring for all KGI students.

Wincy is currently a second-year student in the MEng program at KGI. She specializes in a variety of disciplines, including both business and scientific writing. Her prior experiences include academic tutoring in high school, and working as a marketing assistant to edit marketing materials and writing.

Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences Peer Tutors (2018-19)

Revanth Srinivasan
I am a second year MBS student passionate about bridging the gap between research and business in the biopharmaceutical arena. I have experience working on several industry-sponsored projects at KGI including a TMP in my first year with BioMarin, who offered me an internship position as well. I am very much excited about mentoring and helping other students to have a successful career and great year at KGI.
Courses: ALS 320 Medical devices, ALS 359 Introduction to Bioscience, ALS 362 U.S FDA Regulation, ALS 312 Introduction to Bioprocessing, ALS 350 Finance and Accounting Principles, ALS 330 Pharmaceutical Discovery, ALS 333 Biopharmaceutical Development

Elsy Rivero
I am a second year MBS student taking a concentration in medical devices and diagnostics. I have experience working on several consulting projects sponsored by KGI, which gave me an internship position at a rare diseases company. I am thrilled to help other students to enjoy their experience at KGI!
Courses: ALS 320, ALS 333, ALS 350, ALS 359, ALS 321, ALS 341, ALS 351, ALS 354, ALS 362, ALS 412, ALS 455, ALS 459

Grace Hwang
I am a second-year MS student with a concentration on TMP and an independent research on stem cells and cardiomyocytes. I love to sing in my car and listen to John Mayer. I had a lot of fun last year at KGI and I’m excited to share some of my knowledge.
Courses: ALS 330, ALS 398, ALS 312, ALS 437, ALS 300, ALS 432, ALS 333, ALS 402, ALS 321, ALS 434, ALS 438, ALS 412

Christine Urrea
I am a second year MEng student with a bioengineering degree from the University of California, Riverside.
Courses: tutor for MEB 311—Bioseparation Engineering and Science

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Peer Tutors (2018-19)

Venie Pham
I graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a bachelors in pharmaceutical sciences. My favorite color is transparent, like me.
Courses: any course except 340 series and Law

Chidozie Olumba
I’m a pretty easy going guy. I like to relax and be stress free.
Courses: most block courses and PHAR 311

Alex Aguilera
I am a second year pharmacy student and graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. I was born and raised in the Central Coast of California, and am passionate about pharmacy, teaching, and serving under-represented communities.
Courses: 303, 304, 311, 330, 340, 341

Nima Moezzi
I am a third-year pharmacy student. I enjoy bringing value to others through teaching and tutoring.
Courses: PHAR 301, 302, 303, 304, 340, 341, 330, 331, 310

Weichen Wu
I am currently a P2 student. My strength is analytical and consistency. I like to design and build drones on my free time.
Courses: PHAR410 or any science courses

Ali Hasan
I am a second-year student in the PharmD program. I graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology.
Courses: all block classes

Adrienne Desens
I thoroughly enjoy teaching and want to stay involved with academia in the future. I do my best to tailor my teaching methods to the needs of each individual.
Courses: Any PHAR classes

Thomas Lee
I am a P3 student. I like therapeutics. I have 3 pairs of glasses, but I only use 2.
Courses: Pharmacy therapeutics

Andy Phan
I am a professional napper who majored in Human Biology at UC Irvine. When not hitting the books, I hit up friends to hang out. My current hobbies include basketball, ping pong, Pokemon Go, and stock-trading.
Courses: PHAR 311, PHAR 340, PHAR 341