Claremont Cash

This program is available to students of The Claremont Colleges where students use their college ID card in the same manner as a traditional debit card. Claremont Cash is accepted at all dining halls, restaurants, and convenience stores on campus as well as The Huntley Bookstore, Student Health Services, Honnold-Mudd Library (for both copying and paying fines), in select vending machines, and by resident hall laundry facilities. Many merchants in town accept Claremont Cash, as well.

The KGI Café does not currently accept Claremont Cash.

Contact the Claremont Card Center, which is located at the south entrance to Honnold-Mudd Library, to deposit funds into your student Claremont Cash account using your VISA or MasterCard. Students can add to their balances using cash or check at specified locations on the campus. Card balances carry over from year-to-year and any unused balance is returned to the student when he or she leaves the College. Visit the Claremont Cash Website for a current list of merchants who accept Claremont Cash, and to find answers to frequently asked questions.