Welcome to the Writing & Tutoring Center (WTC) at KGI. The WTC offers FREE appointments with friendly, experienced WTC tutors to all registered KGI students. Meet with a tutor to work on writing issues ranging from style and argumentation to grammar and syntax. The goal of the WTC is to help you become an effective writer and communicator in your academic or professional field.

Location: 535 Building, Office 21

How can a WTC tutor help you?

  •   Answer your questions or respond to your concerns about your paper.
  •   Point out areas that may need improvement – spots that are unclear, repetitive, or irrelevant.
  •   Help you clarify your audience, argument and purpose.
  •   Comment on the effectiveness of a paper’s structure.
  •   Identify patterns of error in sentence structure or grammar.
  •   Refer you to resources for improving your writing.
  •   Help you plan and practice giving presentations.
  •   Help you with strategies for effective reading and notetaking for writing.
  •   Help you format your writing according to proper manuals of style.
  •   Review resumes and other documents relating to job applications, fellowships, grants, etc.

Types of writing projects that tutors can help with:

  •   Response papers
  •   Resumes and cover letters
  •   Scripts for individual and group presentations
  •   Papers for individual or group projects/presentations
  •   Argument-driven writing


The WTC has a collection of manuals of style and writing handbooks available for student use. This collection will continue to expand as more materials become available.