Bioreactor Studies – Lab Based

Experimental designs to characterize the PIXER including but not limited to: determination of gas mass flow rate (kLa), shear forces experienced by cells or AAV’s as measured by cell viability […]

Automation Discovery in Clinical Supply Chain

The Global Study Planners (GSPs) ensure that clinical final drug product (FDP) supply is consistently available for 20,000+ patients across 200+ clinical studies globally. Although there are several digital tools […]

Single Use Bioreactor Environmental Impact

Compare and contrast the environmental impact for routine use of the following four approaches to sterile bioprocess solution preparation [the scenarios]: Stainless steel tanks, Traditional single-use mixers, A new proprietary […]

Digital Integration and Visualization

Amgen’s Digital Integration and Predictive Technologies organization is a global process development function that develops and deploys state of the art advanced computational technologies in: 1) data capture, integration and […]

FDA Filing Documentation Preparation

Development of a briefing book for a Type C meeting with the FDA regarding a Phase 2 multicenter study for the use of Tomolarimab in the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome.

Gut Microbiome Studies

Gut microbiome dysbiosis has become a major threat to public health in current times world-wide but particularly in urban areas where food has become metabolically narrow thus destroying the diversity […]

Plant Capacity Modeling

This year’s BI TMP will focus on building the groundwork for a new plant model capable of simulating the Upstream and Downstream operations in the production facility at BI Fremont. […]

Downstream CFD Modeling

The objective of this project is to enhance our understanding of mixing in downstream hold tanks and associated small-scale models through computational fluid dynamics (CFD). These portable and fixed hold […]

Manufacturing Cost Standards

BSi uses process and financial standards with a variety of real-world applications, including program investment analysis and potential deal valuations. We’re interested in engaging a team of graduate students to […]