Year: 2012-13

Company: Astellas Pharmaceuticals

Liaison(s): David Stover

Astellas Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical company with the aim of improving lives through innovative and effective medicines. Astellas Pharmaceuticals was formed by the merger of two established Japanese pharmaceutical companies in 2005. It is headquartered in Japan and has seven therapeutic areas of focus. They are currently global category leaders within the urology and the transplantation therapeutic areas. Astellas has entered into the oncology therapeutic area and is focused on becoming a global category leader in oncology. To this end, it has allocated significant investments to enhance its presence within the oncology market. In support of its leadership goals in oncology, Astellas tasked the KGI TMP team to conduct a gap analysis comparing current oncology companies and Astellas. To complete the goals set for the TMP, the project was divided into three phases. In Phase 1, the Astellas TMP team reviewed the larger oncology landscape and interviewed key members of the Astellas oncology leadership team. In Phase 2, pipeline analysis, image ranking and company profiles were built through interviews and surveys of oncology company executives and medical oncologists. In Phase 3, the Astellas TMP team identified existing gaps between Astellas and other global category leaders. Specific evidence based recommendations were provided to Astellas oncology leadership to bridge gaps and further their goal of becoming a global category leader in oncology.