Year: 2005-06

Company: Applied Biosystems

Liaison(s): Eric Gerber, Ken Livak

Applied Biosystems offers a wide range of scientific products for basic research, pharmaceutical research, forensics, and food and allergy testing. Scientific advancements in the fields of phage display, a technique employing genetically modified viruses to screen for useful antibodies, and aptamers, RNA or DNA oligomers whose sequences have been selected to bind specifically to other molecules, have opened up the possibility that antibodies used in assays might ultimately be replaced by more selective binders that have higher affinity. Applied Biosystems is actively engaged in researching novel methods for the creation of antigen-specific binders and their incorporation into unique assay formats. In addition, Applied Biosystems is involved in developing a separate technology that amplifies a detection signal for a target or antigen of interest. Potentially, this technology could be used in concert with the antigen-specific binder technology. 4 APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS Sponsor Liaisons: Eric Gerber, Ken Livak Faculty Advisors: Molly Schmid, Jenny Darroch The Team Masters Project, which consisted of students from KGI and the Drucker School of Management, worked with Applied Biosystems in assessing possible applications for these technologies. The team surveyed the competitive landscape and evaluated the scientific need for these novel technologies within broad and niche markets to explore commercialization strategies.