Year: 2020-21

Company: BioMarin Pharmaceuticals

Liaison(s): Melissa Goldesberry, Nimo Purcell, Gabby Maestas, Jan Ressl

The Single Use Technology (SUT) Material Database project and the Supply Chain Data Alignment project are both aimed to track and monitor a raw material supply chain.

A SUT portfolio can include many materials, procurements, and technical data points that require efficient, real-time monitoring and management. An excel database tool was created to manage these data. To create this tool, the database requirements were determined by consulting subject matter experts (SMEs), an excel database was built with refined attribute columns and categorical rows, and data population was completed. The creation of this centralized data source allows for 1) easier management of SUT data and 2) quicker, more intelligent business decision making within the SUT portfolio.

The supply chain data used to purchase raw materials and the data within the raw material specifications must align to comply with federal regulations ICH Q9 & Q10. The innovative tools and optimized strategy developed by the team reduces the risk of non-compliance.