Year: 2002-03

Company: Zuyder Pharmaceuticals

Liaison(s): Jeff Van Ness

Zuyder Pharmaceuticals, the second company to be spun out from KGI, is a small start-up biotech company focused on utilizing its proprietary protein analysis technology to discover novel molecular targets for metabolic bone disease. The technology is based on the ability to detect “scaffolds” in the primary structure of proteins that indicate both a protein’s homology to other proteins and how a protein will interact with other proteins. Zuyder’s technology is not limited to discovering molecular targets in bone disease. The previous (2001-2002) Zuyder Team Masters Project began to analyze the proteomes of over 20 infectious diseases. This TMP team expanded of the primary structures of proteins involved in human disease. This years project would be composed of 3 components: market analysis, research and development, and competitive analysis. The culmination of this project was a presentation to the senior management.