Year: 2017-18

Company: Eli Lilly

Liaison(s): Mark Mayer

Researching the potential utility of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be the key to begin realizing the potential of AI for the regulatory community. To identify the best path for the development of this technology, the Eli Lilly TMP team conducted extensive research including interviewing over 30 global regulatory department leaders at 22 different pharmaceutical companies and 3 leading companies in regulatory intelligence and artificial intelligence technologies. The Eli Lilly TMP elucidated the value proposition, barriers and risks to integrating artificial intelligence into the regulatory intelligence field. Additionally, our Eli Lilly TMP has provided strategic insight to define the potential role of a precompetitive consortium, which can enhance future actualization of this technology. By providing Eli Lilly this information, they will be well positioned to optimize the use of artificial intelligence for regulatory intelligence activities in the future.