Year: 2018-19

Company: Hologic, Inc.

Liaison(s): Maurice Exner, Allan Harris

Hologic Inc. is a leading global healthcare and molecular diagnostics specializing in providing early detection and preventative solutions in the breast and skeletal health, diagnostic, surgical gynecology, and medical aesthetic segments. Headquartered in Massachusetts with additional locations in the northeast, California and overseas, Hologic holds 15% of the molecular diagnostics market and is the market leader in the women’s health segments of both molecular diagnostics and cytology.

The molecular diagnostic market is becoming increasingly competitive as customers consolidate vendors, platforms, and menus in order to improve lab efficiency and reduce cross platform training. In order to maintain and strengthen its market position, Hologic plans to consolidate its products and tests into one platform, Panther Fusion.

Hologic enlisted a KGI Team Master’s Project team to research and evaluate Endometriosis and similar disease states in order to assess the current detection and risk stratification landscape. By performing secondary research involving literature reviews, IP and patent holders and existing companies in the space, the team is to confirm an unmet need and explore relevant biomarkers of importance. After delving deeply into secondary research, the team was tasked to develop an internal Hologic POV regarding the future of the disease state. By developing a comprehensive and strategic questionnaire, the team conducted internal interviews with key Hologic stakeholders and subject matter experts. The ultimate goal for the team was to identify trends in the space that Hologic can leverage to enter the space, organize a cultivation plan, and prioritize assets.