Year: 2008-09

Company: Kinetic Concepts Inc.

Liaison(s): Eric Stevenson

Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI) is a global medical device company with leadership positions in advanced wound care and thera – peutic surfaces. The company is considering adding peripheral nerve regeneration to its portfolio, but a strong business case needs to be made to move forward to the concept stage. Evaluation of the technology landscape requires a thorough investigation of presently available peripheral regeneration technologies and determination of the direction of future research. The focus of this TMP was to identify the most promising technologies and their adoption issues based on the market need for better regeneration products. Through a combination of literature review, key opinion leader interviews, and physician surveys, the team looked at the promise of peripheral nerve regeneration as a market opportunity. The results of the primary and secondary research were combined in the form of a specific business recommendation. This project will help KCI make a strategic decision about how to focus their research efforts for developing this technology further.