Year: 2007-08

Company: The Brainscope Company

Liaison(s): Elvir Causevic, Rich Watt

The BrainScope Company is the developer of a radically new generation of hand-held devices that act as digital translators of the electrical activity of the brain. With a BrainScope device, medical professionals can quickly have an objective, accurate, and evidence-based assessment of a patient’s need for further examination in cases of concussion, stroke and other brain dysfunctions. The technology rests on more than 30 years of clinical data and combines cutting edge, patented algorithms developed against the world’s largest database of brainwave recordings, with advanced miniaturized hardware, an easy-to-use user interface and a disposable headset. Students worked with BrainScope to identify and characterize various markets for clinical use of BrainScope’s revolutionary, proprietary and non-invasive technology. The students assessed neurological diseases for which Brainscope technology could prove most useful in diagnosis and they developed business models for a number of the diseases identified. The TMP provided analysis and recommendations that aid Brainscope in the mission to provide medical professionals with effective new tools to assist in the assessment of brain injuries and brain disorders and to provide appropriate and timely treatment.