Year: 2020-21

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Liaison(s): John Li, Paul Gulde, Jeraldine Mendoza

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is one of the world leaders in developing resources for the scientific community with their unique cell lines, media, laboratory instruments, and more.

The goal of this laboratory-based project was to evaluate both non-commercially available and commercially available media and feed using a CHO cell line. To complete this experiment, the CHO cell line was directly adapted to the provided media and a working cell bank was created. Two 14-day fed batch studies in shake flasks were completed. The cells were monitored and data was collected including metabolite, viability, and titer information in order to determine the best performing combination of media and feed. Cell culture conditions and cell growth profiles were monitored using in-house KGI equipment. Following the completion of shake flask studies, the optimal conditions were assessed in 3L bioreactors. In addition, evaluation of novel purification resins provided by Thermo Fisher were evaluated to generate a sample for product quality assessment. Using culture materials from the media and feed evaluation studies, binding capacity and storage conditions were assessed for each resin using in-house KGI equipment. The completion of this project has provided Thermo Fisher with an unbiased assessment of each provided media, feed, and resin.