Year: 2022-23

Company: Amgen

Liaison(s): Mohammad Amoozegar, Austin Shardo, Kevin Baliat

The Amgen Global Supply Planning (GSP) team aims to optimize the distribution of pharmaceutical products to a large patient population across many sites. To achieve this goal, the team will leverage automation tools to streamline and eliminate redundant workflows. The KGI team analyzed current processes and identified areas that can be optimized using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Utilizing the UIPath software, the GSP team will implement this automation and establish a comprehensive framework for future scaling. This framework will serve as a blueprint for the organization to expand the implementation of automation tools to other teams and processes. By the completion of the project, the KGI team will deliver a final presentation and report on the framework. The team will also provide secondary deliverables – one for each RPA. Each RPA will include a business case (user stories and cost- benefit analysis), a business process map (human path), and design requirements (robot path). Our team conducted in-depth interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) to thoroughly comprehend the business processes. Through these conversations, we gained an understanding of supply planning processes, enabling us to identify targets for automation. SMEs also helped us develop best practices for implementing RPAs as the ultimate end users. They will be helpful beyond just learning about the supply planning process. Ideally, these automation initiatives will lead to increased efficiency and productivity, allowing us to optimize operations and ultimately drive success for the business. Overall, this project established a framework for effectively integrating automation technologies to optimize workflows and improve the overall efficiency of various teams at Amgen.