Year: 2018-19

Company: Dexcom, Inc.

Liaison(s): Katherine Anthony, Tamara Kurtukova

Dexcom, Inc. founded in 1999, is transforming diabetes care and management by providing superior continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology to help patients and healthcare professionals better manage diabetes.

There are 3 million Insulin Intensive (IIT) and 27 million Non-Insulin Intensive (NIIT) diabetics in the United States. The NIIT market, especially Type 2 Diabetes, is expected to grow tremendously over the next decade to about $64 billion (1). Recent research suggests that there could be potential benefits to using continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in this population. While Type 1 Diabetics are the most common users of CGMs, given the potential size of the non-insulin intensive market, it is important to evaluate this space. A series of semi-structured interviews were conducted with key stakeholders in T2 diabetes care and among NIIT patients to better understand barriers and facilitators to CGM use and perceived benefits of CGM use among this group.

The team would like to thank Katherine Anthony, Senior, Experience User Strategist, Dexcom, Tamara Kurtukova, Market Research Manager, Dexcom, and Professor, Krishnakumar, Associate Professor, Management, KGI for their constant support and guidance for the successful completion of the project.