Year: 2014-15

Company: Abbott Medical Optics

Liaison(s): Philippe Adam

Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) is a leading provider of
ophthalmology solutions and is part of the portfolio
of medical device business of Abbott Laboratories.
AMO is headquartered in Santa Ana with offices and
manufacturing sites all over the world. AMO’s three
main lines of business are cataract surgery, refractive/
LASIK surgery and corneal care. The largest and fastest
growing group is the cataract business with diagnostic
tools, surgical equipment, and consumables for
cataract surgery.
Over the past few years, AMO has launched a broad
range of new products across the globe and made
strategic acquisitions to strengthen its portfolio of
cataract surgery solutions. However, beyond its
differentiated solutions and superior clinical outcomes,
AMO would also like to be known by surgeons as the
company of choice for business relationship partnering.
Consequently, AMO commissioned this TMP to
elucidate customer/vendor relationship challenges faced
by cataract surgeons in the field of ophthalmology, and
to discover what aspects of the business relationship
are of most value to surgeons. In addition, the project
sponsor expected the team to develop actionable
recommendations that satisfy the project goals, and
seamlessly incorporate the recommendations into
AMO’s current workflow.
After extensively analyzing primary and secondary
research data, the team is confident that it has
developed actionable recommendations to catapult
AMO’s status to becoming the company with which
cataract surgeons want to partner. Our team has
provided AMO with strategies based on the voice of
the customer to gain new business and better maintain
their current relationships.