Year: 2016-17

Company: BioMarin

Liaison(s): Michael Vigarino

BioMarin Pharmaceutical, a fully-integrated transnational firm specializing in the development of best-in-class therapeutics that aim to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from rare, monogenic and severely debilitating diseases. The company aims to refocus its pipeline to reduce future R&D expenses, cultivate near term revenues, and achieve non-GAAP breakeven or better. Furthermore, work efforts in previous years have resulted in an expectation of two potential product launches in 2017. To optimize current enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) strategies BioMarin has tasked the team with developing guidelines for the maintenance, design, and governance of 5-year technology roadmaps. Optimization efforts serve to support ongoing ERP utilization expansion, provide a holistic vision throughout the project planning processes, and expand the planning horizon. To accomplish this objective, the ERP KGI team conducted primary and secondary research in order to identify and analyze industry best-practices, business drivers, and risks associated with implementation and maintenance of technology roadmaps. The ERP KGI team has provided BioMarin with standard of practice guidelines for the design, maintenance and governance of roadmaps in relation to enterprise resource planning endeavors including a process RACI matrix, as well as an action plan describing the steps to be taken to implement the guidelines. Lastly, the ERP KGI team provided ideas and directions for The ERP KGI team has successfully provided tools that will enable the sponsor to incorporate strategic vision into the planning process, optimize the current use of BioMarin internal roadmaps, and achieve effective enterprise resource planning goals. change management within the organization related to the implementation of the process.