Year: 2018-19

Company: BioMarin

Liaison(s): Joyce Chou, Saeed Moshashaee, Richard Wisniewski

BioMarin is evaluating a drug delivery process optimized for patient use. Our team conducted a technical review of multiple drug delivery devices to provide a recommendation for a final device design. The key features the team targeted were devices that emphasized patient friendliness and reconstitution capabilities. Our sources originated from secondary sources, such as journal articles, device brochures, and websites, and primary sources, such as interviewing injector device vendors.

Though our general focus was primarily on patient friendliness and reconstitution capabilities, we evaluated our devices on a variety of criteria such as ease of use, needle exposure, manufacturing feasibility, and the development timeline. Along with primary and secondary and research, our team conducted experimental testing on certain technical aspects of a few of the devices reviewed. The scoring results from these tests provided additional information. Our team provided results in the form of a written report that included a general device overview, experimental research, and final recommendations. A dynamic device comparison chart tool was developed that can be utilized by BioMarin in the future, as well as device brochures which provide further detailed information of top device selections.