Year: 2022-23

Company: Alphinity

Liaison(s): Craig Vincze

Experimental designs to characterize the PIXER including but not limited to: determination of gas mass flow rate (kLa), shear forces experienced by cells or AAV’s as measured by cell viability analysis, mixing studies and determination of dead zones, and proof of concept studies of Alphinity’s biomimicry bioreactor design utilizing gas exchange membrane(s) instead of spargers and recirculating mixing instead of stirrers or impellers. Extending the scope to include studies comparing the PIXER performance data from the above studies to traditional equipment currently available in the market is preferable. For example, a comparison of cell viability after cell growth at a target kLa value in both the Alphinity Biomimicry bioreactor and a traditional sparged stirred tank bioreactor, and comparison of PIXER recirculating mixing vs traditional stirred tank mixers.