Year: 2017-18

Company: City of Hope

Liaison(s): David Horne, James Lester Figarola, Jyotirmoy Kusari, Arthur Riggs

Researchers at COH have synthesized a small molecule that is promising to address the unmet clinical need of neuropathic pain induced by Diabetes and Chemotherapy. The COH-KGI TMP project aims to bring to market this compound for effective and satisfactory treatment of neuropathic pain. Our COH Neuropathic Pain team has worked on several deliverables, which included creating a clinical development plan, patent consultation, and conducting a market assessment of neuropathic pain. The clinical development plan consisted of creating Phase I protocols and study designs, the patent consultation consisted of making recommendations for patenting, and the market assessment consisted of subcategories such as, prevalence, patient profile, and growth of neuropathic pain, review of the technical profile and intellectual Property status of commercialized and pipeline neuropathic pain therapies, potential partners, reimbursement and insurance coverage information for neuropathic pain therapies. We interviewed physicians to identify preference and trends in standard of care for neuropathic pain.