Year: 2021-22

Company: Amgen

Liaison(s): Jeff Heckler, Chris DiAndreth, Anamika Jha

The Amgen Thousand Oaks Site Supply Chain organization supporting this project is responsible for all aspects of supply planning, manufacturing scheduling, capacity planning, risk mitigation and raw materials planning/sourcing activities for manufacturing and supply of clinical and commercial therapeutic drugs. This project focused on Amgen’s clinical supply chain operations at the ATO (Thousand Oaks) and ABR (Netherlands) sites that support packaging and labeling of clinical finished drug product (FDP) for clinical studies. As the capabilities at these sites grow and clinical trials become more complex and global, there is a new opportunity to reoptimize how Amgen performs site selection analyses. The Amgen team sought the help of the KGI student team to establish a new framework for decisions that enable the company to optimize its clinical network in terms of product and supply risk, speed to patient, inventory management, and material and operational costs. The team achieved this objective by first conducting industry benchmarking research to gain insight on how other companies design optimized supply chains. We then interviewed subject matter experts (SMEs) and key opinion leaders (KOLs) at Amgen and KGI to better understand the current state of the clinical supply chain and site selection process. We then used this background knowledge to build a decision tool to aid the Amgen team with making optimized site selection decisions and demonstrated its utility using a real-world business case.